Britney Spears confirms next single: ‘I Wanna Go’

Shame on me… to need release!

Not at all, really. This was such an obvious single choice from the minute you hear the album. I’d be seriously pressed if Team Britney hadn’t picked ‘I Wanna Go’ but then again, I’m secretly stanning for a more left of centre single choice like ‘Criminal’ or ‘Inside Out’.

The ‘I Wanna Go’ video will be directed by Chris Marrs Piliero, the man behind Ke$ha‘s hilarious ‘Blow’ video. Both Femme Fatale singles ‘Hold It Against Me’ and ‘Till The World Ends’ have topped the US Billboard dance charts and I have no doubt that this new one will follow suit too.

While it’s still too early for official remixes to surface, check out this brilliant ‘I Wanna Go’ remix by Johnny Labs that’s getting big love on the interwebs:



Can’t get enough of dubstepney? Listen to the ace Femme Fatale dubstep megamix here.



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