Tatianna ‘Touch’ Single

Gag, bitches! Here comes another Rupaul’s Drag Race vixen taking over the mic.

One of the everlasting beauties of season two – Tatianna – just dropped her second single ‘Touch’ and it’s just the kind of robo Blackout-on-a-budget fest you’d expect from a young club diva like her.

The track comes Autotune correct but unlike many dance releases by queens of the series, this track is strangely unaccompanied by the mandatory house remixes.

Take a listen to ‘Touch’:


The cover photo shoot is something completely off the chart for Tatianna, who was known on Rupaul’s Drag Race for always delivering beauty face. The wig and faux fur get up is very Beverly Hills meets Europop heiress and while it shows a different kinda fish, I actually think it ages her a little.

And needless to say the mammaries are about to make it rain, honey!


Grab Tatianna‘s ‘Touch’ on iTunes here. Check out her fellow season sista Sahara Davenport‘s debut single/video ‘Pump With Me’.


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