Take That “Progressed” Album Details and Tracklisting

Here comes the official confirmation I’ve been waiting on.

You know I love fans who take time to comment and alert me on future releases that have been heavily discussed on pop music forums because frankly, I don’t lurk those digital corridors. But after a tip off left on my ‘Love Love’ post about a certain Take That album repackage, I knew some kind of announcement was just around the corner.

Voila! Just in time for their massive Progress tour, which kicks off in the UK later this month, comes Progressed – a delicious two-disc package featuring eight new tracks. Take a peek:

Disc One:

1 – When We Were Young
2 – Man
3 – Love Love
4 – The Day The Work Is Done
5 – Beautiful
6 – Don’t Say Goodbye
7 – Aliens
8 – Wonderful World

Disc Two: the original Progress album.


Progressed drops in the UK on 13 June and can be purchased as a two-disc unit or, if you’re one of the millions who have already purchased the original album, you can also just grab the eight new tracks on a separate individual disc.

The album’s latest single ‘Love Love’ debuted at #15 in the UK this week and is now released on iTunes Australia.


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