The Saturdays ‘Notorious’ Music Video

Lock up your bosses, these bitches are coming for your intern position and they won’t rest until they’ve pressed every button on the elevator – if y’know what I mean.

The Saturdays have grown so much since the last time we saw them turning out some Disney teen-friendly swag for the ‘Higher’ video with Flo Rida. Here they are with the first single from their third studio album [Editor’s note: So we’re acting like Headlines was a non-album? OK then. Carry on.] and when it comes to their look and sound, they’re pulling all stops to get that money, honey.


‘Notorious’ – produced by Steve Mac (the man behind smashes for JLS) – further solidifies the girls’ brand of punchy pop with jumping synth lines and American R&B flavourings. Don’t let the fuck me pumps and peach coloured bronzer fool you. These kittens come with a warning: “I’m a outlaw, I’m the big boss, I’m a gangsta on the dance floor!”

Check out three highlights of the ‘Notorious’ video:

1) Bossbitch.

Not since the broads on Michael Gray’s ‘Weekend’ and Lene’s ‘It’s Your Duty’ video, have we seen office temptress done to such bewitching effects. Side bar: who do I have to drop a pen in front of to get one of those Saturdays stamps?

2) Is it 5pm on a Friday already?

These slags. They’ve done all but 30 seconds of work and they already off in T.G.I.F. mode. Love the sexy quick change in the lift. I promise you if my next job has a club situated on the top floor, the security cameras are gonna cop a show on a weekly basis.

3) Supermodel(s) of the world.

That entrance with the lift doors opening to Una‘s verse is to die for. Pounding the muhfuggin’ floor and strutting on point with your females? You know I live for moments like these.


The Saturdays will be releasing ‘Notorious’ digitally on 22 May and the CD single will hit retailers in the UK on 27 June.

The digital download comes with a live recording of ‘Higher’ whereas the CD will feature an exclusive b-side titled ‘Not That Kinda Girl’.



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