Cedric Gervais feat. Mya ‘Love Is The Answer’ Music Video

This calls for a celebration! Our gurl Mya is back and she’s brought with her an empowering dance number for the NoH8 campaign.

Most Aussies would’ve checked out after ‘My Love Is Like… Wo!’ became a minor Top 30 hit here in 2003 but I’ve never stopped believing in the sassy honey-vocalled diva. Here’s something I want you guys to experience, and I’m speaking directly to the gays of the nation because I know how a lot of you live for this brand of dance/pop.


Cedric and Mya‘s ‘Love Is The Answer’ is such a feel good universal jam. It’s really not trying to be anything edgy or preachy. It’s just pure fun dance with a simple message to it. Think of this as an accompaniment to Wynter Gordon‘s gay anthem ‘Putting It Out There (Pride)’.

Check out three snaps of approval in the video:

1) Mya hair flicking with drag queens.

Gurl, this scene totally lifts my spirits. We need to see Mya as a guest judge on Rupaul’s Drag Race season four, honey. That’s the truth. Because everybody knows that it’s gonna be murder on the runway when two queens have to Lip Sync For Your Life to ‘Whatever Bitch’. That needs to happen. The wig situation in this video is a little iffy, Ms Mya, but for consistently showing charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent – I’m gonna have to say, “shantay, you stay.”

2) Twitter action.

Spreading the message of #NoH8 and giving the video an extremely current and relevant feel – I approve.

3) Perez looking like a Beverly Hills Tinky Winky.

If I ever agree to be filmed in my track suit ensemble, friends, please don’t stand by and let me make a mess of myself. From a publicity angle, it’s tremendous to have Perez‘s cameo support in a video. Regardless of what one might think of him, he plays an important part in today’s Western pop culture and it can’t hurt to have him back your project.


Mya just dropped her sixth studio album K.I.S.S. last month. It’s a Japan-only release which shamefully managed to only shift over 1,500 first-week copies to debut at #61.


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