Parade ‘Perfume’ Music Video

Our British friends have been consistent in serving girl bands of late. But let’s not forget the great purge we had not too long ago with Girls Can’t Catch and Mini Viva biting the dust. Cautionary tale, ladies.

Here we have a fresh-faced five-piece on the block called Parade stepping out with their second single ‘Perfume’. Now if you look back on all the great girl bands who have had successful debut singles – their follow up singles have all been the real corkers. In fact, single numero deux is probably more important than your launching track. If the first one served to grab people’s attention, the second one has to feed them something quality.

Look at Spice Girls with ‘Wannabe’ and its substantially stronger predecessor ‘Say You’ll Be There’. Think about All Saints with ‘I Know Where It’s At’ then dropping a classic like ‘Never Ever’, or The Saturdays with ‘If This Is Love’ then blowing our minds with ‘Up’. They all had it loaded with the second single.


I am very much on the fence with Parade right now as I feel like – despite all the hype and blog love – ‘Louder’ really didn’t do it for me. The single managed to peak at #10, which in this day and age is pretty acceptable for a first release. Having said that, ‘Perfume’ stands out as a fun and distinctly flavoursome pop track for me.

I don’t get instant classic in the way I felt with all the aforementioned bands’ second singles but I do get a stronger sense of Parade‘s identity now than I did with ‘Louder’. To top it off, they look extremely likeable in the video and you can’t help but want to hang out a little to see what other cute stuff these girls have in store.

Check on three moments to beat in ‘Perfume’:

1) Hipster Parade.

Already the stand out in the group for commanding such style with the glasses and floral tights while positively radiating naughtiness. I don’t know to what extent were these girls all stitched up to represent a certain look portrayed in the pages of Dolly but cynicism aside about Hipster Parade – I like her.

2) Girls just wanna have fun.

I think fun is underrated. I feel like society comes down too hard on anything with buoyant pop melodies and bright colours in fear of being grouped as a teeny bopper. Bitch, there is nothing wrong with having teeny bopper taste in music. Live a little. ‘Perfume’ may have the hook of a coy jingle but like an effective jingle, it works its way pretty deep into the mind cavities.

3) Cute like that.

I’m getting flashbacks to Atomic Kitten feel good fuzzies when I watch this video, hear the tune and check these girls’ styling. They are like the modern day AK, sans the insipid covers. I feel like Parade was designed to target a younger herd, I’m talking the pre-teens demographic that The Saturdays are about to outgrow. Y’know, there’s definitely a market for them because Girls Aloud and Sugababes aren’t speaking to their style any more.


Parade releases ‘Perfume’ in the UK on 20 June. Plenty of time to get the hype around for round two or so we hope.



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