Keri Hilson feat. Nelly ‘Lose Control’ Music Video

They censored the word “anus”. Just when you thought you came correct with your classy rap verse, they check you at the door for mentioning an unflattering human anatomy. [Editor’s note: it’s not completely unflattering to everyone.]

Keri Hilson has been so hit and miss for me that when No Boys Allowed turned out so acceptable by current urban/pop standards, I actually gagged and thought, maybe we can overlook the similarities to Rihanna‘s record. Just this once.

This era has proved to be a smash with the American urban market – yielding four singles to date – but when it came to a mainstream crossover, it kinda all rested on the album’s second single ‘Pretty Girl Rock’, and that struggled a little. As far as this project goes, I don’t think the push and purpose is to crack her on the pop charts. Apart from ‘PGR’, ‘Lose Control’ and the amazing title track – I can’t see a lot of No Boys Allowed fitting in with daytime pop radio.

Having said that, I’ll be keeping a close eye on the Australian airwaves chart to see if Universal Music Australia issues ‘Lose Control’ to local radios after they pretty much gave up on ‘Pretty Girl Rock’.


The video is stunning nocturnal affair of stylish laserlit proportions somewhat reminiscent of Destiny’s Child‘s splendid ‘Cater 2U’ clip. Director Collin Tilley (who was behind Ms Keri‘s last video ‘One Night Stand’ avec Chris Brown) creates a coherent meeting of editorial realness and sensuality.

Check out three points to be made about the ‘Lose Control’ video:

1) The glo cube.

Apart from being just a cool prop that was also recently featured in Havana Brown‘s ‘We Run The Night’ video, the presence of this glowing frame in a middle of a dark, endless desert backdrop actually helps us focus our eyes on the object effectively. It’s all eyes on Ms Keri, baby.

2) Amazonian river nymph.

A nice break from the night time shots but I’m not the biggest fan of the green eye shadow here. Especially when it’s so fucking thick on the lower lids. Gurl, this looks like a rush job. That gold one piece is so dated, I don’t ever wanna see it featured in another R&B video ever again.

3) Smoke ‘n’ strobes.

It’s like a rave party all the sudden and I’m a fan of the spectacle they’ve created here but can somebody please bring over a glass of water for Ms Keri‘s hair? The poor thing must be thirsty like the desert for some rain, honey. All dried out looking like they’d snap like uncooked rice noodles or something.


Keri Hilson‘s No Boys Allowed managed to peak at #11 on the US Billboard 200 and #7 on the R&B/hip hop charts. The album has yet to crack our Aussie ARIA Top 50. In fact, the deluxe edition is currently placed at #145 on our Aussie iTunes R&B/Soul album chart. Would you believe more Aussies are downloading Brandy‘s Human, Ciara‘s Basic Instinct and Mariah‘s Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel than this?

No Boys Allowed‘s key single ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ only managed to go #81 on our ARIA singles chart, succeeding best on the New Zealand chart at #11.



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