Beyonce ‘Run The World’ (Live at Billboard Awards)

Seriously crying and shaking. I’m barely able to type, evidently slain by the power of Beysus!

Beyonce absolutely detonated the muhfuggin show today with her undeniably grand performance of ‘Run The World (Girls)’. The multi-platinum selling hitmaker is the humble and gracious recipient of Billboard’s Millennium Award tonight and there was a moving tribute footage and acceptance speech bookending this performance.

There were words from First Lady Michelle Obama, Mama and Papa Knowles, Lady Gaga, Stevie WonderBarbra Streisand and the legendary Solange.

I have never seen a more impressive visual performance in my entire life and I absolutely cannot believe the sheer magnitude of what B just did on stage. Everything from the choreographed screen projections, through to the energetic dancing and styling – you know what? Beyonce could’ve stopped right there. She had us living for the visual spectacle and that would’ve been enough for most divas these days.

But no, not on B’s watch. She made sure you were completely sold on why she runs this industry by seizing the mic halfway through to deliver an equally powerful vocal performance. Why try so hard when you’re already on top? That’s not now this legendary performer works. Prepare to be slain.

This is compulsory viewing:


How beautiful was that acceptance speech? I fucking choked on tears when she thanked not only Kelly and Michelle but also the “original members of Destiny’s ChildLeToya and Latavia. It’s so cute when she lights up and says, “I lurve me some Jay-Z!”

Check out this gorgeous reunion shot of DC3 that Michelle uploaded on Facebook shortly after the awards:


‘Run The World (Girls)’ drops to #42 on our ARIA singles chart this week. I’m expecting for sales to pick up after the recent video premiere and string of televised performances, including a special one on Oprah to air later this week.



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