Lady Gaga ‘The Edge of Glory/ Judas’ and ‘Born This Way’ (Live on SNL)

Gurl, talk about an immaculate conception in middle of a dance orgy.

Lady Gaga‘s ever steady promo trail for the Born This Way drop is heating up big time and her Saturday Night Live stopover saw her delivering quality performances of the project’s first three singles.

Black and gold was the sartorial note for this appearance. Highlights go to the acoustic delivery of ‘The Edge of Glory’ – yes, she was giving a little Mayan prophetess eleganza with the headpiece – and the strange baby bump she ended up rocking for the latter half of ‘Born This Way’.

Take a look at ‘The Edge of Glory/ Judas’:


Now ‘Born This Way’:



Born This Way was meant to drop globally today but both standard and special editions of the album hit Australian retail stores last Friday, ahead of its iTunes release.

Guess that inadvertently fulfills Gaga’s wishes for this release to be an event encouraging fans to step away from the computer a little.


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