Beyonce ‘Run The World’ (Live on Oprah)

What’s that? You’re still slain from yesterday’s life changing Billboard Awards performance?

Well, pull yourself together gurl because you need to be upstanding for the 2011 graduating class of Sasha Fierce Academy.

Check on the ever divine Beyonce working the wind machine and giving beauty face while handing out certificates to two lines of strutting graduation gowned dancers. It’s more or less the same routine as the second half of yesterday’s ‘Run The World’ performance except vocally, it didn’t strike like lightning this time.

Watch the performance here and live for the look on Tom Cruise and Oprah‘s faces:


As The Prophet Blog pointed out, this performance was taped last week so technically, this is actually the first recorded performance B did of ‘Run The World’. I can kinda excuse it not being nearly as on point as the Billboards extravaganza. Nevertheless, Empress B on an off day is still a billion galaxies of amazing compared to Britney at her level best these days. Bitch, the fuck was going on yesterday? You guys saw her shuffle and thrust with the vigour of a mildly sedated turkey at the Billboard Awards, right?

I completely stan for Femme Fatale but I’m starting to lose faith in Britney the performer now. You know you’re struggling when Paula Abdul‘s raggedy fossilised derry is serving choreography better than you.


As predicted, ‘Run The World (Girls)’ edging its way up to our Aussie iTunes Top 10 thanks to the hysteria surrounding yesterday’s Billboard performance and music video (currently charting at #3 on our iTunes).


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