Leak Report: Melanie C ‘Rock Me’ (Rock Version)

You know it’s all over when Posh‘s unreleased album is sounding more relevant than the latest Mel C single.

I was absolutely living when I first heard that Ms Chisholm was getting her arse back into dance music a la ‘I Turn To You’, then this non-event comes out and it couldn’t have been more of a buzz killer. A prosaic and predictable title for an equally prosaic and predictable rock production.

Gurl, I feel like we already experienced this vibe circa ‘Yeh Yeh Yeh’. Seriously, this schtick is beyond two years too old to be acceptable for today’s market. There’s nothing particularly dated about the production itself, it’s just the stale old Party Rawk Spice I can’t down.

Now let’s move the shade over to the promo shot. Do my eyes deceive me or is Melanie C really serving tank top and red leather pants? It’s like some Tina Cousins inspiration out of the Smash Hits look book circa 2001. I thought we left that shit behind when we wrapped the ‘Holler’ video?

Please get it together, lady, because I really enjoyed This Time and the cohesive adult contemporary it delivered but this new album needs to come together as a fun and immediately accessible package – front, back and all over.

Take a listen to the full “rock version” of ‘Rock Me’ here:


By titling this the “rock version” kinda implies that there’s an alternate or original version in the pipeline and it won’t necessarily be of such rawk-ey persuasion. Jodie Harsh, you better turn this project out.

Feed Limmy verdict: Nonchalant snap.

Mighty snap = this is a hit.
Bounce snap = instantly likeable.
Lightbulb snap = you will need a moment to get into this.
Nonchalant snap = need I say more?
No snap = please cease and decease.


Melanie C‘s ‘Rock Me’ has just been issued to German radios. The single arrives first in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on 24 June.



  1. I’d love to see Mel C and Tina on the same bill: Mel clearly hates anything that isn’t ‘real music’ so I have a certain gleeful fascination to hear her dance music. I don’t see why she has to separate these projects; her fans are not NME readers, they are fans who own Spice Girl b-sides and biographies, etc. When she’s not being a snob and defensive about her past, I do genuinely think she’s great, but there’s always something a bit offputting about her way of doing things. The song is not too bad, and I can see a decent remix coming out of it. Mel C calling a song Rock Me does seem a bit obvious though; maybe it was writer’s block.

  2. WOW. If you described this song to me I think I’d say I would be unlikely to like this. But, I think it brings something completely convincing to the table for Melanie and does her energy justice. Love it.

    Most interesting vocal since ‘Next Best Superstar’. Charismatically Melanie C. It reminds me of some of the vocal efforts from the ‘Northern Star’ sessions which bring out a similar tone in her vocal.

    This record is seriously going to bring it. Interested to see how it’s all going to gel together. After BI/TT I know Melanie can make a cohesive record though.

    The artwork is going to be incredible if this shot is anything to go by as well. This is Melanie’s stage look, and I think it’s finally being captured for some artwork, yes!

    • Mmph, yes. Thanks for bringing ‘Next Best Superstar’ back to my attention! Am I the only one who likes the “Reason” album? LOL!

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