Wynter Gordon “With The Music I Die” Album Preview and Tracklisting

The time has come for the grand unveiling, my friends.

Behold! Wynter Gordon‘s heavily anticipated debut album With The Music I Die.

This is the record she has been working towards for over five years, taking shape as she travelled the world and grew as an artist. It’s been described to me as a very “classic” album gliding us through various styles of dance/pop music and Wynter herself has either co-written or written every track here with an eclectic roll call of producers including Nick Littlemore (Empire of The Sun), Ace of Base, Axwell (Swedish House Mafia), Robbie Rivera and more.

The album is, of course, headed up by her current Top 20 smash ‘Til Death’ and the triple platinum-selling Australian #1 single ‘Dirty Talk’. If the sticker is anything to go by, the third single might be the track she did with Axwell: ‘Buy My Love’. As opposed to ‘Still Getting Younger’, which was announced as her second US single.

I’ve been privvy to listen to six tracks from the album (two of which are the aforementioned singles) and here are my thoughts on the cuts:

Buy My Love – This track glistens with a fluorescent summer sheen that instantly brings you a good feeling akin to hearing the ice cream truck arrive on a 40 degree day. Lyrically, we’re treated to the same cheeky Wynter that toyed with us on ‘Dirty Talk’, except she’s now baiting a sugar daddy. But don’t get it twisted. This ain’t a dependency situation but rather a matter of why spend mine when I could spend yours? [Editor’s note: Lil Kim reference circa ‘Lady Marmalade’? Dave, you’re such a hoochie.] Instantly enjoyable.

Key lyric: “I’m gonna let you spoil me just for the day… No need to thank me, baby. Your credit card will do!”

Still Getting Younger – An instant classic and what should easily be the centre piece of the album. Wynter told me that ‘Still Getting Young’ is her favourite song of all time and that it was written from a personal place. She didn’t need to explain the latter. I felt the emotions powering the song. Sonically, I’d describe it as a sun-soaked dance track designed to sound like it was captured straight from your mama’s radio in the 80s. This track is flawless. Honestly cannot stop listening to it.

Key lyric: “Our love is growing and getting younger. Still getting younger!”

Don’t Stop Me – A stomping petulant dance/pop number that connects the relative spaces between Zoe Badwi and Alexis Jordan‘s records. I can see myself strutting around town to these feisty lyrics. Watch out for that spoken word breakdown. It is at least four levels of fierce.

Key lyric: “Open up your eyes and see the light, let me take you out into the night. You’re giving me the look. You want it!”

Back 2 U – An ethereal introspective ballad with iridescent synths. This cut straight to my heart in the first listen and is yet another stunning showcase of Wynter‘s songwriting prowess.

Key lyric: “You don’t know that when I lie in bed I touch myself to you. All the creepy thoughts my mind designed to cope with loneliness when I pushed away my one true chance to live in happiness.”

Check on the full With The Music I Die tracklisting here:

1 – Til Death (Denzal Park Radio Edit)
2 – Dirty Talk
3 – Don’t Stop Me
4 – Buy My Love
5 – Still Getting Younger
6 – Drunk on Your Love
7 – All My Life
8 – Rumba (feat. Kevin McCall)
9 – Back to You
10 – In The Morning (feat. Robbie Rivera)

Note that the original album version of ‘Til Death’ (produced by Tom Neville) won’t be on the record but rather the radio/single cut done by our boys Denzal Park. A ten-track album is a very concise album so to me, this speaks quality over quantity. Yes, ma’am – let it be so.

Let’s take a look at the cover art. I do have a problem with the distinct omission of her WG logo, which has been present on all her solo singles. In fact, at a glance, the With The Music I Die artwork conveys sombre songwriter’s tale of metamorphosis and visually disconnects from the impression fans have constructed from ‘Dirty Talk’. Maybe that was the intention after all.


Wynter Gordon‘s With The Music I Die hits Australian stores on 17 June and to launch the record, my gurl will be back in the country for a week-long promo trip which includes a performance spot on Dancing With The Stars.

Why, that’s gotta be Wynie‘s first Aussie TV performance, am I right?

Read my recent interview with Wynter where she talks about the album and her love for Australia.



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