Cheryl Cole fired from US X Factor, replaced by Nicole Scherzinger

Ouch. That is just stone cold, y’guys.

Geordie goddess Cheryl Cole‘s hopes for State-side domination may have been dashed after a shock firing from her US X Factor judging gig. The gorgeous Girls Aloud warbler has reportedly been let go and replaced by Nicole Scherzinger, who was only initially picked up to co-host the series. At this stage, tabloid reports are all we got to go on so make of it what you will.

The inaugural US X Factor series is understandably up against steep competition right now with American Idol reigning harder than ever and The Voice – another new singing talent show featuring Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton – pulling sizeable ratings.

The general consensus on the original US X Factor line up hasn’t been of panty-wetting proportions unless you’re gagging for Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid to head up the panel. Nobody needed to see Paula Abdul back in the game and especially on a talent show that requires mentoring. Cheryl was always going to be a risk for show producers because she’s – to put it bluntly – simply not famous enough and her adorable accent could prove incomprehensible to the American masses, who by the way, sometimes struggle with our Aussie accents too. Girls Aloud never cracked America and most folks in the States aren’t aware of Chezza’s connections.

In terms of bankability, it’s a hard case to argue when Cheryl is up against Nicole Scherzinger in front of an American audience. Nicole‘s already well-known for her Pussycat Dolls history and on top of that, her current solo career relaunch means she’s already coming to the table loaded with exposure. It makes sense to feed off a hot meal rather than wait for one to heat up.

Poor Cheryl, the girl had already started doing promos for them and she was even present during the early auditions. I don’t doubt Nicole’s ability to turn it out as an elegant and likeable talent show judge. I have to say, she won me over when she stepped in for Chezza in the UK X Factor auditions. But I’m just disappointed for Cheryl because I’m not certain if she can even go back to a UK X Factor gig and frankly, where would her music career be without the aid of the show?


Nicole Scherzinger‘s Killer Love album – the revamped US version – is slated for an August release in Australia.



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