Dolly Parton “Better Day” Album Tracklisting and new single: ‘Together You and I’

The queen of country glam Dolly Parton is back.

Gays, you’ve been looking out for her 2011 world tour like it was a bus running 15 minutes behind schedule and rest assured, it’s gonna happen now with a new album for Dolly to boot.

Better Day is the latest bejewelled addition to a stellar country/pop discography that spans over four decades and marks Glam Ma Dolly‘s first release since 2008’s Backwoods Barbie. The diva is undisputedly one of the most famous country music singers in the world, wading through her entire back catalogue is enough to induce a migraine. Gurl has released over 100 singles, dropped 58 studio albums and too many compilations to count.

Let’s hope her newest record Better Day will have the fans gagging for more. Check on the tracklisting here:

1 – In The Meantime
2 – Just Leaving
3 – Missing You
4 – Together You and I
5 – Country Is
6 – Holding Everything
7 – The Sacrifice
8 – I Just Might
9 – Better Day
10 – Shine Like The Sun
11 – Get Out
12 – Let Love Grow

Take a listen to her new single ‘Together You and I’ here.

How lovely is the single artwork? Doesn’t it just look like a promo for a new Oxygen network program? This image actually looks more appropriate for Better Day than the haunting one they went with.


Dolly Parton‘s Better Day is out in the US on 28 June – stay tuned for an Australian release date. ‘Together You and I’ is already out on US iTunes.



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