Andrea Corr “Lifelines” Album Details and Tracklisting

The gorgeous Ms Andrea Corr is back with her second solo album, y’guys.

Can you believe I actually own The CorrsBest Of compilation on both CD and cassette formats? There was a time where my bedroom’s baby blue mini stereo and dad’s old Walkman were the only things I could consume music from.

Andrea‘s first solo venture Ten Feet High was an interesting experimentation of adult contemporary and electronica but I think on the whole, it failed to connect with her loyal Corrs fan base. From what I’ve heard of Lifelines, this is gonna be more like it.

Check out the two-disc deluxe edition tracklisting:

Disc one

1 – I’ll Be Seeing You
2 – Pale Blue Eyes
3 – Blue Bayou
4 – From The Morning
5 – State of Independence
6 – No. 9 Dream
7 – Tinseltown In The Rain
8 – They Don’t Know
9 – Lifeline
10 – Tomorrow In Her Eyes

Disc two 

DVD of exclusive performances, interviews, ‘Tinseltown In The Rain’ music video, photo gallery, behind the scenes from photo and video shoots.

It’s been four years in between records and the woman has returned now looking more like a hot mum you’d clock in a Hugh Grant rom com. Watch the video for the album’s lead single ‘Tinseltown In The Rain’ here:



Andrea Corr‘s Lifelines is out on iTunes world over on 29 May.


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