Jessica Mauboy feat. Stan Walker ‘What Happened To Us’ Single Details

They’re still flogging this single. Gurl, it’s felt like a lifetime.

Look out for a new mix of Jessica Mauboy‘s third Get ‘Em Girls single ‘What Happened To Us’ – now featuring ex-Idol hit maker Stan Walker. The original album version featuring Jay Sean was fine as it is but why not go for a local angle, especially now that numerous fans have seen Stan do the song with Jess during her Chris Brown support gig.

The pair is set to make a television debut of their version of ‘What Happened To Us’ on Dancing with The Stars this Sunday. The track will swiftly be released digitally after. It’s not the first time the label has tried to breathe life into the track. Sometime last month, we noticed that a new dancier OFM remix of ‘What Happened To Us’ suddenly appeared on iTunes. Was that supposed to have impacted radios as well?


Quick question. Anybody else still waiting on their signed ‘What Happened To Us’ CD single? It’s been close to three months and counting. Please get it together, Team Mauboy.

Stan Walker‘s exciting new single ‘Loud’, on the other hand, will cop a physical CD release on 3 June – featuring a remix by Static Revenger (who famously collaborated with Wynter Gordon on her free mixtape years ago).



  1. I think all the publicity surrounding her live performance with stan walker sparked the single with him. I think this single could chart in New Zealand, as Walker from there.

    • Oh, I didn’t realise that this song hadn’t charted in NZ. This new version could definitely serve a higher purpose than to simply revitalise interest on our shores then because frankly, I think most Aussie fans have moved on. Even if they’re still waiting for that damned signed CD single! *taps foot*

  2. i ordered the unsigned single online from JB HI FI.. kept getting told, its on order… got told no longer available… managed to get a signed one on ebay .. hopeless Sony

    • Oh that sucks! It took forever for Sony to send out the autographed copies of the original ‘WHTU’ single (featuring Jay Sean). We all ended up getting two signed copies because of the delay. *SMH*

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