Nadine Coyle announces US single: ‘Runnin’

This scheming bitch really deserves a round of applause for her impeccable timing.

Your band mate makes headlines world over getting sacked from a lucrative US X Factor gig and you put up a link on Twitter hours later announcing your plans to crack America? Nuhdeen, you are comedy.

After the disastrous floppage of her actually decent debut album Insatiable, Nadine Coyle promptly dismissed her management team and delayed the release of her second UK single ‘Put Your Hands Up’. Just when you thought the project was steadily being lowered six feet under, out comes news of an American crossover.

‘Runnin’ will now serve as her debut US single and the Derry queen is set on pitching it to the clubs. She’s currently working on the remixes with DJ/producers Vito Fun and Damian Major.

The dance route seems like a sensible and accessible entry level for the Girls Aloud vixen. She’s already got her foot through the door when Armin Van Buuren remixed ‘Put Your Hands Up’ and interestingly enough, included it on his recent trance compilation. Mind you, it was the only pop track to make the compilation.

Better yet, I’m overjoyed with the single choice because ‘Runnin’ has always been a favourite of mine. A classy, well-manicured mid-tempo with elements of late 80s pop beats. Good luck, lady.

Take a listen to the track here:



Stay tuned for an official US date for ‘Runnin’ and its accompanying remixes.



  1. Wow, whatever happened to this? I’m loving this track a lot, it really could have been a proper hit, even if only in the club market!

    • Well, baby, ‘Sweetest High’ happened – that’s what. I really love ‘Runnin’ in its original form. Just love the synths, the beat and the vibe of it. It’s the first Nadine song that actually feels effortless – y’know, she’s not trilling incessantly over loud horns and not trying too hard on the ballads. This is just perfect.

  2. Haha, I actually forgot about that one! Damn, Sweetest High would have been great without that crass and cheap backing music, why would she do that? With that said, Runnin’ is far superior, with great lyrics and great music. Seems like she’s given up on that, kind of disappointed here…

  3. ive heard that nadine is remixing running on its release for the US but noone seems to know wen the date is for this release does anyone have any idea please let me know as im really desparate to find out wen this is i saw a clip of her performing the remix at a club in the US and im hooked to the clip it sounds fantastic if anyone knows please please get back to me thanks guys

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