Shontelle ‘Say Hello To Goodbye’ Music Video

Tell me something. Has Shontelle ever had a hit in Australia? Didn’t think so.

I honestly thought the Barbadian beauty was gonna hit the jackpot of international stardom with her No Gravity album but shit, it just didn’t fold out that way. Here she is with the third single – ‘Say Hello to Goodbye’ – a bittersweet ballad with a gorgeous guitar melody, stylistically similar to Rihanna‘s ‘California King Bed’.

As far as I know, the track is getting some airplay in America and gawsh, would you believe it? Even in Malaysia. My home boys and girls love their pop ballads, I can tell you that. Don’t need a witness, it’s the truth.


The video is a simple and elegant affair, set in an old train station and classic coach. I actually appreciate the concept because it’s a hundred times more interesting than something depicting a domestic scene with Shontelle packing her bags and leaving the house. Y’know the kind of videos I’m talking about – like Rihanna in ‘Take A Bow’, where all the budget was spent on status things like making sure the pad and car smelled like new money.

Check on three key moments in Shontelle‘s ‘Say Hello To Goodbye’ promo:

1) The first class coach is to your left, ma’am.

Loving the classic scarf, trench coat and glasses combo. It’s like a slightly modern adaptation of a look you’d expect to see up in an old central train station like this. Every thing from the old wooden seats through to the lighting and close up of random passengers waiting is just well done. It sets the scene right!

2) Looking lonesome on the train.

It’s what I do, man. Now there’s a video that speaks to me. I love that the bulk of the train scene depicted was of her in this narrow aisle. Once again, it demonstrates a refreshing take on what could’ve been a very typical production if they had simply gone with only shots of her sitting on the train looking out the window.

3) On the right track.

And she is. The thing with this scene is that, I love seeing it as a long shot and getting the sense of the surrounding but I kinda wanted some close ups of her walking on the train tracks towards the camera. Listen to me, making suggestions like this was some fucking Project Runway for music videos or something. And if so, what credentials does it give me on the panel? David Lim, pop music bloggeur and Year 12 Media student. Over to you, Spielberg.


Shontelle‘s ‘Say Hello to Goodbye’ just like many of her previous releases will probably go unnoticed with the Aussie public, so do yourself a favour after watching the video and inspect her previous singles: ‘Impossible’, ‘Perfect Nightmare’ and ‘T Shirt’. That way you can come correct the next time I mention her on the blog.


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