Sophie Ellis-Bextor ‘Starlight’ + Interview on Lorraine, New Remix and Acoustic Version

OK, so this happened at the start of the week but y’know, more newsworthy fodder like Beyonce and Mel C happened so this got pushed aside.

My British pop queen Sophie Ellis-Bextor keeps serving it up with TV appearances and performances to promote her stellar new single ‘Starlight’. She’s apparently had a recurring “judging” role on Lorraine‘s High Street Fashion Awards segment for several weeks and naturally, like all pop stars who agree to judge something on a TV show, you earn a platform to promote your record on the program after.

Take a look at the always flawless Sophie doing ‘Starlight’ here:


Mind you, if you’ve seen one rendition – you’ve seen them all. She’s not about to jump in a giant glass tank and start lathering herself in goop. And now for the interview, which always irks me when people bring up ‘Groovejet’ and inadvertently imply how long it’s been since the bitch had a monster smash record:


While I’m doing an SEB post, I might as well share another lovely ‘Starlight’ remix I recently came across. No one’s completely certain on whether the ‘Starlight’ digital single will come with remixes yet at this stage, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Listen to the Carl Hanaghan remix here:


And just because I care deeply about your ‘Starlight’ fix, here’s a live acoustic version Sophie performed on Metro radio:



‘Starlight’ is out in the UK on 30 May. The long awaited album Make A Scene hits UK shelves on 13 June almost two months after it was first launched in Russia, debuting at #12 there.



    • Me too! It has made the song more danceable without losing the ethereal essence of the original version.

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