Stan Walker ‘Loud’ Music Video

How did I not know this video came out two weeks ago? Typically tardy for the party, I am.

One time Australian Idol winner Stan Walker is back with ‘Loud’ – an immediately likeable radio ready lead single from his forthcoming sophomore album. This dude and this song itself is actually seriously bankable but the underwhelming video kinda left me painfully disinterested in the whole project.


Why must you let us down at the final hurdle? This is ‘Get Em Girls’ all over again, except Stan didn’t shell out a small fortune for an A-list American video director who turned out a low-rent mess. Where the ‘Loud’ video earned nods for concept and narrative, it let us down with horrid lens flares and lack of choreography.

Check out three thoughts on our boy Stan‘s new video:

1) Someone call the body corporate.

This is an ideal situation for all noise polluting fiends throwing house parties in apartment blocks. This video narrative seems familiar, though. I swear something like this was done in a 90s music video fronted by a flop pop group? Basically, you have a loud ass house party and instead of getting angry neighbours banging on your door, you get them pouring in to join the mayhem.

2) You should be dancing.

We’re not asking to be granted something of Chris Brown proportions here. But if you’re not up for choreography yourself, couldn’t you have at least hired some dancers and wheeled in a couple of industrial strength wind machines? Call in a favour from Ms Havana Brown or something, gawsh! It’s OK Stan, we still love you.

3) Colour this bad.

I don’t understand how something that could’ve easily been a vivid and vibrant production comes off looking washed out. It’s not just the horrible colours and lighting but also the overused close ups of him with the glass tile background. Yawn! Can’t believe I’m about to bring this up but the last decent “house party” style video I saw by an Aussie artist was actually Scarlett Belle‘s ‘Lover Boy’Stan has had some delightful videos in the past – see: ‘Unbroken’ and ‘Homesick’. Unfortunately, this doesn’t live up to past glories.


Stan Walker‘s ‘Loud’ is currently placed at #36 on this week’s ARIA singles chart. Maybe sales will pick up once the physical CD single hits stores on 3 June? We’ll see.



  1. You’re not wrong about the video direction being quite poor for such a likeable song. I hope by the second single, the video direction is clear and concise with more creativity. Stan Walker is a good singer but I would like to see some personality, some performance in his vids.
    I wanted to punch Mauboy’s management and Denis Handlin, himself, for steering themselves towards the tax write-off we now know as the Get Em Girls video. But Hype Williams has been losing his touch for a while now and no vids even after the GEG debacle including the Saturday Night follow up and Kanye West’s “All Of The Lights” show an ounce of the creativity we used to spread through his earlier portfolio.

    • I know, right? I think Hype just inherently fares poorly with a minimal budget. He’s not one of those directors who knows how to make the little work. Give him a ton of dough like they did for Christina’s ‘Not Myself Tonight’ and he turns out something acceptable.

      I don’t know who did this ‘Loud’ video but there are plenty of great Aussie video directors, like the guy who did Jessica’s ‘What Happened To Us’ video. They should consider that.

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