The Feeling “Together We Were Made” Album Details and Tracklisting

Oh, this is one big ass album.

I fell in love with The Feeling circa their last studio album Join With Us. The band’s lead singer Dan Gillespie Sells is such a capable songwriter that I can’t help but feed off all the melodies and lyrics he conjures. The big connection with linking me to this band is, of course, Sophie Ellis-Bextor who’s husband Richard Jones is the band’s bassist.

Together We Were Made is the British band’s third album and the first that sees them pull Sophie in for a duet (see: ‘Leave Me Out of It’). The project is spearheaded by ‘Set My World on Fire’, which has been released digitally but has yet to crack the UK Top 75. Now consuming the album itself it gonna be a feat.

Unlike most artists who decide on releasing standard and deluxe edition cuts, the deluxe version rarely features a whole second disc chock full of new recordings. I’m sitting here thinking, this is some great divide happening right there. What are we saying about the tracks on disc two?

So they weren’t good enough to make the standard edition but obviously good enough to still see the light of day – and yet, you don’t want to reserve it for the fourth album? Interesting. As a music consumer, when I listen to a project, I want to experience every track that I was meant to experience. I don’t think I could just take the standard edition knowing that there’s a whole second disc of original recordings missing, waiting to be discovered. No, sir.

Check on the deluxe two-disc edition tracklisting:

Disc one [standard edition only]

1 – Set My World on Fire
2 – Dance For The Lights
3 – Another Soldier
4 – Leave Me Out of It
5 – Build A Home
6 – Searched Every Corner
7 – A Hundred Sinners (Come and Get It)
8 – Mr Grin
9 – Say No
10 – Back Where I Came From
11 – Another Life
12 – Love and Care
13 – Undeniable/ Hardest Stone

Disc two

1 – Easier Said Than Done
2 – Virtually Art
3 – Care About Us
4 – Still You Want More
5 – 1991
6 – Colder Than December
7 – Superstar
8 – Seek Asylum
9 – Over and Over
10 – Dia De Los Muertos
11 – Gravity
12 – Angel Face


The Feeling‘s Together We Were Made both standard and deluxe editions will be released in the UK on 20 June. We’ve been told that the album will also be released on iTunes worldwide, so keep an eye out there.


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