Lady Gaga ‘Hair’ (Live on Good Morning America) and “Born This Way” Sales Figures So Far

It’s like Sunday morning worship all the sudden.

Lady Gaga takes to the Good Morning America stage to play a free concert for fans and here as one of the highlights is the inaugural performance of ‘Hair’, done as an emotive piano-based power ballad.

I’ve said it before but I would pay good money to go to an acoustic, unplugged Gaga show. The bitch is foremost a musician and she never fails to deliver power behind the piano, even if she’s looking like a low-rent hooker with ripped stockings and a leg hoisted up.

Take a look at ‘Hair’ here, performed on Gaga‘s new unicorn piano:


The performance comes complete with some slightly comedic piling on of dime store wigs. Class act!

Born This Way first week sales update:

Since its official global launch on Monday, Born This Way has already outsold the entire UK Top 30 sales figures combined and is definitely on course to topple Adele‘s 21 from the top spot.

Over in the States, the album is projected to pull 1 million first-week sales. Born This Way managed to move at least 500,000 units on its first day – with 330,000 of that comprising of Amazon sales where the album was going for 99 cents, and 104,000 of it coming from iTunes.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re easily on course for the fastest selling album of the year. The last major first-week seller in America was Taylor Swift‘s Speak Now, which broke through with over 1.04 million copies in October. All four Born This Way singles secured a place in this week’s UK and Australian Top 20, with ‘Hair’ just debuting at #12 in the US this week.



  1. Very good version but the CD version is cathartic and one of the central glories on the new record, this needs to be the follow up to “The Edge of Glory.”

    • Completely agree. It’s so youthful, immediately likeable and anthemic. I will not be surprised if this actually becomes the official fourth single. My pick for a fifth single – because let’s face it, this album’s gonna spawn at least seven – will probably be ‘Marry The Night’. Gaga loves that one too much for it to not be launched.

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