Take That ‘Love Love’ Music Video

These men are pure class. First class, even. [Editor’s note: nice reference to the soundtrack, Limmy. Good for you.]

Take That is such a prime example of man band done right. I don’t see NKOTBSB coming nearly as correct as these five. The styling and sonics in this Progress era is revolutionary in a period where 90s boy bands reform and struggle to move forward appropriately to justify their relevance.


‘Love Love’ is Take That‘s latest offering, which serves as the lead single for the X Men: First Class soundtrack as well as their own forthcoming Progressed EP. The video is a simple and minimalist affair of lights, camera tech effects and slick choreography action – the latter being relegated to an entourage of rather capable dancers.

Take a look at three moments of glory in the ‘Love Love’ promo:

1) Robbie inspects dancer, dancer about to crack up.

She is already doing so well to be standing upright in such close proximity to Robbie. I know so many queens would’ve dropped dead by now. Just the sheer thought of sharing the same air as Robbie, much less locking eyes with him. I can’t even.

2) Tech vision.

I’m appreciating the fractured camera effects that interject this slick, minimalist production. Think of it as giving the project an ever present “technological” feel that complements its mildly futuristic vision. Big words, Dave. Big words.

3) Sing.

They could’ve gotten these men to do a whole lot more in the video but that would’ve detracted from the cool demeanour, wouldn’t it? Plus, the Progress tour is happening now so seeing them behind the mic wailing is like a subtle nod to that.


Take That‘s ‘Love Love’ is now out on iTunes here. No word on when the Progressed EP/album repackage arrives in Australia but UK fans, it’s coming out at your end on 13 June.



  1. He does look pretty appealing in that picture – I’ll be going home with Howard and Jason though!

    • LOL! I can’t with these man bands. Flirting at the pub is all there will be for me.

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