Brian McFadden ‘Come Party/ That’s How Life Goes’ Single Details

The double A-side single. I never quite know how to react to it.

It’s kinda like saying one track is not strong enough to grab the audience, we need two and we definitely need to have some kind of light and shade situation happening so if we don’t win people over with the uptempo – we got the ballad, just in case.

Australia’s Got Talent judge and former boo of Delta Goodrem, Brian McFadden is hitting back with these composite new tracks after the shit storm of his foul “date rape” song ‘Just The Way You Are’ earlier this year.

‘Come Party’ is an uptempo that Brian wrote in LA last December with an upcoming rapper Lavay Cole, while the flip-side ‘That’s How Life Goes’ sees Brian return to balladsville. Both videos were shot in Queensland and they’ll unfold as a two-part production starting with ‘Come Party’ then naturally ending on ‘That’s How Life Goes’.


Brian McFadden‘s new double A-side single will hit radios and digital outlets tomorrow.



    • Me too. The whole “Wall of Soundz” project sounded dated even before it was launched.

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