Robyn ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ Music Video

This is a one woman show, y’guys.

Robyn had me all moist and tingly when she announced that ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ was gonna be the new Body Talk single. I mean, I don’t need to tell you guys how beautiful this dance ballad is and why I’m absolutely gagging for a male artist to cover it. This song is utter brilliance.


While the song itself carries a distinct narrative coloured with themes of honesty and moving forward, the video shies away from creating a mini-epic of that nature. Instead, director Max Vitali – the man behind all the Body Talk music videos – creates a poignant and simple production made up of one seamless shot of Robyn losing herself to the music and delivering hardcore kinetic emotional energy.

Here are three points to be made about the video, believe me I’m trying hard with a production that could’ve easily been summed up in the aforementioned sentence:

1) Interpretative dance.

I’m gonna open it up to the floor here. Do you think it’s a stroke of genius to do the ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ video as one singular solo interpretive dance sequence or would you prefer for it to have been a production with actors and an actual film narrative? I think with a song like ‘Call Your Girlfriend’, one could’ve definitely taken it to a new level and played with a number of edgy story options, but let’s not take anything away from this immaculate production. There is definitely power and intensity in this single continuous reel of Robyn dancing with nothing but lights and raw emotion.

2) But how about an alternative story line?

With me on my second cup of coffee today, my brain matter is practically melting with narrative options for the video. So indulge me for a minute here. I mean, could we have had a story about a man leaving his girlfriend for a woman who dresses and acts just like him? Think about it. Themes of narcissism, genderfuck and the opportunity to see Robyn in drag. Hey! OK. I’mma go sit down now.

3) Floral tights and floor humping

I do that a lot too when I’m dancing alone in my living room, except I haven’t got a fierce pair of floral tights. Mama Lim has sadly given away all her groovy tights from the 90s.


Robyn‘s ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ has to date peaked at #7 on the US Billboard Dance/Club charts.



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