Leak Report: Melanie C ‘Stop This Train’

No train wreck jokes, please. I still think it’s too early to tell with this new Mel C project.

Here we’re treated to a snippet of Melanie C‘s new track ‘Stop This Train’, which will serve as a b-side on her forthcoming ‘Rock Me’ European single. The rollicking Alabama-rock piece is described as resembling “nothing else on the album” so for those who aren’t buying into this dated rock schtick, there is hope yet.

Take a listen to the track:


‘Stop This Train’ is produced by Peter Vettese – a long-time Mel C collaborator – and after two or three listens I have to say, I actually prefer this to the actual single. There’s definitely an air of flamboyance and fun in her vocals here that some fans might put down to her recent musical theatre stint.

As for the accompanying behind the scenes photo shoot reel? Bitch, you better werk.


‘Stop This Train’ will be released as a b-side to Melanie C’s new single ‘Rock Me’ on 24 June in certain European territories.


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