Jessie J ‘Mama Knows Best’ (Live on Britain’s Got Talent)

Indeed, Britain certainly has got talent. Look no further than this here stage.

Jessie J‘s takes to the awesome Britain’s Got Talent stage to warble her popular brassy album track ‘Mama Knows Best’ to a captive audience. This was the same show that spawned Susan Boyle all those years ago and on a slightly bittersweet note, it’s probably the last program the Brits will see Simon Cowell on for a while.


Back to La Cornish. The bitch is turning out yet another explosive vocal performance with her signature pins on show. I have to say, the Union Jack lips looked a lot better in photo than it does in action but you know, it had to be done. It’s Britain’s Got Talent, for gawd’s sake.


Jessie J‘s current single ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ finally cracks the Aussie Top 10, rising to #9 in the new week’s chart just released this evening. Her album, on the flip side, is still reigning at #4 on our ARIA charts.


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