Nicole Scherzinger ‘Right There’ (Live on Britain’s Got Talent)

It takes so much to keep one’s eyes fixed to the screen when Nicole Scherzinger performs.

Gurl, you gotta have pyrotechnics, you gotta have a wind machine and a couple of energetic back up dancers – why the works? Is it possible that if you take away all that razzle dazzle, you’re just left with a hollow and cringeworthy track pilfered from the bottom of Rihanna‘s reject pile?


I love me some of Nicole‘s Killer Love album but I have to say, she can come off so average in her live performances. We are currently three singles deep into the record and I’m yet to see anything distinct about her performance style. I kinda feel like we, as an audience and lounge room critiques, are going about it all wrong if we’re waiting for Nicole to break through with something unique and completely different from what we’ve seen her do with the Pussycat Dolls.

Maybe we have already seen the most exciting part of it all. Everything she did with the Dolls on stage was probably an exaggerated heightened reality of her performance art and now that she’s out of that ensemble, we should probably get used to the fact that Nicole as a solo entity will never be as kick arse as she was with her troupe of dance vixens.

The real Nicole as reflected on this album is probably more mellow than what was initially pitched.


‘Right There’ is already fulfilling its destiny to break Nicole in America. The song became her first solo US Billboard Hot 100 entry this week when it rose to #77.

Meanwhile, I love that she’s been teasing the possibility of a fourth Killer Love single but of all the fuckery she could pull out, she’s baiting us with ‘Wet’. Just what we need. Another obvious, uninspired pop track that already sounds like something some other pop diva’s already flogged on the airwaves.

Put out ‘Killer Love’ or nothing. Case closed.


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