Leak Report: Parade ‘Perfume’ Remixes

They’re still gearing up for the second coming of Parade. But we’re not far off now from catching a whiff of ‘Perfume’ on the charts.

This upcoming British girl group might’ve scored a Top 10 entry with their debut ‘Louder’ a couple of months back but as short-lived as that was, they were certainly in no hurry to step off with a follow up single. The five piece is about to play a couple of Newcastle Upon Tyne gigs in the UK, featuring a line up of The Saturdays, Katy B, Tinchy Stryder, Nicola Roberts, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and The Feeling. That should give them enough exposure before dropping the new single!

‘Perfume’ being the band’s second offering comes loaded with “make or break” pressure [Editor’s note: Limmy elaborates on this in the music video review he did a few weeks back – read it]. While we all wait with baited breath to see how the track performs on the charts, the girls have uploaded three stunning new ‘Perfume’ remixes which will be available when the single comes out.

Take a listen to the Wideboys, Moto Blanco and DNA remixes here:


How predictable is that Wideboys production? You’ve heard one remix by them, you’ve heard it all. Bankable as it is obvious and uninspiring. In other words, I like it.


Parade will launch ‘Perfume’ in the UK on 20 June. If you dig their look and style, check out this quick Q&A with the ‘Perfume’ video stylist about the 90s-inspired fashion.


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