Wynter Gordon ‘Til Death (TJ’s Candlelight Mix)’ Impacts Radio

Oh no they di’nt.

Yes, folks. Wynter Gordon‘s Australian label has just issued a new “ballad” remix of ‘Til Death’ to local radios today.

We’re all excited as hell to have our gurl back in the country again later this month to launch her debut album With The Music I Die but instead of pushing out a new track to show off a softer side to her music, they’ve simply gone with a lush orchestral remix of Wynter’s Top 20 party track.

Take a listen to the new TJ’s Candlelight Mix of ‘Til Death’ here:


Hold up, wait a minute. No, seriously. Pause your life.

Do my eyes deceive me or did this press release just inform me that Wynter Gordon co-wrote ‘Til Death’ with Tom Neville and one of my fave pop stars ever Colleen Fitzpatrick (Vitamin C)?

What in the world? I can’t even. I am not only faint at the thought of two of my faves collaborating on one massive record, but this totally restores faith in all us Vitamin C fans to know that the girl is still on the grind. Time to hit up the old fan forum and spread news of her second coming.

‘Til Death’ – although widely considered as more musically superior to its predecessor – hasn’t quite matched the triple platinum #1 status of ‘Dirty Talk’. The single falls to #23 on our ARIA charts this week after reaching a peak of #16 last week. I am beyond pressed and bothered now.

Will this new ballad remix resurrect some interest in ‘Til Death’? We’ll see.


Wynter Gordon‘s long awaited debut With The Music I Die arrives in stores 17 June. Have my coin purse ready on standby, thank you. The new TJ’s Candlelight Mix will be released digitally this Friday 10 June.

While Australia is the first country in the world to get With The Music I Die, Wynter has also announced that a four-track EP will be launched in the US on 28 June. Get ready for that, American Warriors.


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