Yuksek ‘On A Train’ Music Video

French electro pop artist/producer Yuksek commutes between realities in his spectacular new video: ‘On A Train’.

The man has remixed for loads of your faves including Lady Gaga (‘Paparazzi’), Phoenix (‘Lisztomania’), Peaches (‘Lose You’), Gossip (‘Heavy Cross’) and Van She (‘Strangers’) – to name a few. So chances are you’ve seen his name come up in your library or heard his mixes in a set before. Otherwise, act like you know.


‘On A Train’ is the first offering from Yuksek‘s forthcoming sophomore album Living on The Edge of Time, which is funnily enough inspired by moments in transit. I reckon this record bears a promise of some brilliant indie electro pop cuts – definitely keep an eye out for it, y’guys.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at three amazing moments or train of thoughts about the video [Editor’s note: nice pun]:

1) He slept through the apocalypse. Good on him.

Life is still happening while we’re getting from one point to another. It’s so easy to forget that and not appreciate what’s happening around us when we’re so focused on the next step or destination. Either that, or you can read the changing and wildly evolving scenery as projections of his subconscious in that Inception kinda way.

2) “He woke up at his destination, but overslept his destiny”

So poignant and so right, random YouTube commenter. This touches my soul. Was it his destiny to meet the gorgeous yet clumsy and restless brunette sitting across from him? I mean, damn. The bitch left and came back, spilt two beverages and heaved a luggage up and down from the overhead compartment – how could you miss that?

3) His soul was peeking.

Subtle but it’s there if you keep an eye on his reflection. Technical faux pas or was this meant to signify something deeper we should chin stroke and philosophise about?


Yuksek‘s ‘On A Train’ digital EP comes with three remixes and two new tracks ‘Dead or Alive’ and ‘Mister Dangerous’. Grab it on iTunes here.

The album – Living On The Edge of Time – will be released on iTunes internationally on 13 June.


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