Michelle Williams films comeback video ‘On The Run’

Is this real life?

Michelle Williams, gurl. Are you shooting the video for your comeback single here? There wasn’t a lot explained when the former Destiny’s Child diva tweeted this exclusive behind the scenes footage of her glamming it up by the pool side, giving face and filling reels with endless flowing hand movements.

All she said was:

“Hey guys! A lil peek of the video that I’m shooting today in Ibiza, Spain! The song is called On The Run!”

That’s killing me. But from what you can hear, the song is a soulful, euphoric and very European-style dance track. Similar to the kinda genre her sista Kelly Rowland‘s been reigning with on the international market.

At this stage, who knows if Michelle‘s gonna be launching this track as her own solo single or will it be a featured collaboration. And before everybody catches an attitude about Michelle following Kelly into the dance world – school yourselves. Michelle‘s last studio album Unexpected parted the seas and paved the way for these children of Destiny to walk over onto Euro-inflected dance beats. That is the truth. That phenomenal pop album of hers was working the urban/synth pop reinvention when Flo Rida was getting big and now, everyone’s doing it. Props where props are due, diva.

Here it is now updated with a YouTube link. Greater visibility for all. Fall to your knees, praise ‘n’ worship has officially begun in the Holy Tabernacle of Michelle:



Keep an eye out for more Michelle related tea on her soon to be launched new official website.



  1. ‘We Break The Dawn’ always surprises people. I love it when I talk about Michelle, people cringe until I blast that track and they’re like, “No… way…”

    If she’s gonna do this dance domination right, she’s gotta start hooking up with the right DJs and producers. Dance is all about entry by association, pretty much like hip hop these days.

    Imagine if Michelle teamed up with Freemasons, Guetta or Armin Van Buuren or whoever with the right song. BAM!

    • I agree! It’s such an amazing pop song!!!

      I do hope she bum-licks every DJ and radio presenter she finds lol! Club and radio play is essential!!! She seems to have build a strong club following in the US…just needs to replicate that in Europe where the biggest DJs are!!

      She totally picked the right destination – Ibiza…I hope when the shoot is done, that she hits up all the biggest clubs and builds up her contacts!!!

      • “I do hope she bum-licks every DJ and radio presenter she finds…” – *DIES* Hahahahaha! What would Jesus say to that? He’ll be like, “Child… we’ve come a long way from those those gospel records now, haven’t we?”

  2. yeah michelle was the first in america who did the dance music in the recent times … but i cant wait to hear MICHELLES “I’m On The Run” .. I DONT WANT TO HEAR SOMEONE ELSE SING HER SONG!

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