Simon Curtis “R∆” Album Preview

The blogosphere’s prince of pop makes an almighty second coming to upgrade those still hung up on his 8bit Heart.

American singer/songwriter Simon Curtis won legions of pop fans world over when he gave out his immaculate debut album for free on the internet last year.

The aforementioned 8bit Heart was like the wicked delicious result of Britney‘s cyber pop bumping genitals with N*Sync-type mega hooks. In other words: the gays were living for it.

The 25-year old now returns with an equally fierce follow up R∆ [Editor’s note: I see y’all frowning. It’s OK. It’s pronounced as “RA“] which was preceded by two digital singles – the anthemic ‘Superhero’ and robosexual ‘Flesh’, both released on iTunes within a week of each other.

Take a listen to Simon‘s latest body of work here:


R∆ feels almost like Simon‘s own encounter with the seven deadly sins. It’s darker, grittier and all around more human than his first offering – still delivering the ice cold vocals and slick harmonies over stomping, synthetic dance beats. Sonically, it’s not the evolution I had hoped Simon would make because while there’s something to be said about owning this sound as distinctly his own, I would’ve loved to hear him dabble in other streams of pop/electronica and bring a little more variety to the record. Lyrically, this album bears some of Simon‘s best work – personal favourites include ‘How To Start A War’ and the fierce swag storms of ‘Chip In Your Head’ and ‘Soul 4 Sale’.


Simon Curtis‘ sophomore album R∆ is now available on iTunes everywhere. If you’re in Australia, it’s currently listed but you may not be able to purchase it yet. Be patient, keep checking back and it should be available soon.


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