Kimbra signs with Warner Bros. Records

Signed, sealed and she’s almost ready to deliver her eagerly anticipated debut album!

Kiwi indie-soul/jazz sensation Kimbra has just announced that she’s signed a worldwide deal with Warner Bros. Records to release Vows, an album she’s been working on for over a year now.

Up to this point, the gorgeous singer/songwriter has been pushing her two singles – ‘Settle Down’ and ‘Cameo Lover’ – independently with much success on the blogosphere and Australian gig scene. She’s gained significant exposure after ‘Settle Down’ got picked up and fanfared on Perez Hilton – that video itself has racked up over a million YouTube views now – and to top it off, she’s been featured in Rolling Stone and both singles have been playlisted by Triple J nationwide.

She’s been described as a collision of Nina Simone and Florence + The Machine but I’ve seen her live and let me just say, she is one indescribable artist. Truly multi-faceted and a melting pot of influences from soul to jazz, indie to pop.

Take a look at her stunning acoustic performance of ‘Settle Down’ here:


And then there’s the joyous current single ‘Cameo Lover”:


I’ve also had the pleasure of chatting with her twice when she was promoting her singles and you can read our latest chat here where Kimbra talks about ‘Cameo Lover’ and what we can expect on Vows.


Kimbra‘s debut album is expected to drop in next few months. Stay tuned!



    • Seems like that’s the way to go these days. Most labels and management won’t even look at you unless you’ve already got some kind of following and fanbase, playing shows etc. The more bankable you come, the better your choices are when it comes to finding major label support.

      • I suppose there are both good and bad sides to this. The accessibility of youtube and facebook mean that it’s easier to get your voice out there, but the bad side is that record companies take less chances I guess.

        Modern problems I guess, it seems to be working reasonably well so far, artists that would have been considered risky back in the day are getting picked up if they get enough followers and discovered by the right people.

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