Melanie C ‘Rock Me’ Music Video

Sporty‘s still got game, y’all. I totally did not see her turning it out like that.

Melanie C‘s comeback European single ‘Rock Me’ might’ve gotten off on the wrong foot with me over petty concerns about its musical direction, but rest assured the version previously heard was dubbed the “rock version” for obvious reasons. The official single mix is actually moderately dancier.

Welcome back to the scene, Ms C. Because I believe we are now possibly onto a winner.


The video sees the yummy mummy strutting the house down, giving youthful realness and sultry wind machine fiercity like you won’t believe. I mean, damn. I am on my knees bowing because Mel C is seriously cutting paychecks and werking it hard. She really caught me off guard here.

Video director Marcus Sternberg – the man behind Run DMC vs Jason Nevins‘ ‘It’s Like That’ – shot the video in Manchester and giving them what they pay for, since it’s a single to be used on a German TV network’s coverage of the Women’s World Cup, is a healthy mix of ladies doing soccer moves. On the whole, it’s a lively adrenalin-rushed production that completely complements the petulant feel of the track.

Check out three moments to live for in Melanie C‘s ‘Rock Me’ video:

1) Who’s that girl?

Where did the years go? Ladies, this scene must’ve taken ten years off her. I cannot believe Mel C is looking so fresh in this video, especially when she’s surrounded by a pack of dancers significantly younger than her. The rock chick working a mic stand business is horribly predictable but I’m so elated with her energy, appearance and performance in front of the wind machine that I can let it slide. Besides, the song is called ‘Rock Me’ and stage performance stance is very much a Melanie C signature look – we can accept that now, can’t we?

2) Right street.

I must admit, the “Rock Me” graffiti was a little gimmicky for me. However, I am quickly distracted when I see this diva in a black leather jacket and tights strut back and forth, whipping her hair around. Just like the mic stand, the black leather jacket and smoky eyes are familiar Mel C signatures we can all instantly connect with. It’s a welcome back greeting like the smell of home after a long vacation.

3) And then this happened.

Oh no, gurl. Pause the tape. This was the point in the video where my eyeballs tried to leave my head and slap the screen. What in Mrs Robinson hell is this blue doily dress doing in the picture? In what context can we justify the youthful, exuberant and sporty theme of the video with something this nan? The sunset is lovely and so is the hair, but was that reel meant for some Better Homes and Gardens montage instead? A very odd choice.


Melanie C will release ‘Rock Me’ in Germany, Switzerland and Austria on 24 June.



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