Zoe Badwi ‘Carry Me Home’ Music Video

Gurl, what did you put in his drink?

Australia’s new first lady of dance, Zoe Badwi, returns with yet another euphoric gem in ‘Carry Me Home’ and while she had us all doing a double take when the track first emerged as “Grant Smillie featuring Zoe Badwi”, it’s been cleared up on auspOp that this is indeed Zoe‘s single. The Grant featuring Zoe thing was reserved only for the club cuts.


The single cut itself is an apt ode to having a mate to lean on when times get rough [Editor’s note: see also Sundays 4:30am on Commercial Road]. You’ll be living for the beautiful chorus and nouveau ‘Sweet Dreams’-like synths but it unfortunately doesn’t inspire face-framing choreography as well as her last single ‘Accidents Happen’. You can’t have everything.

Here’s three things you need to know about Zoe Badwi‘s new video:

1) That’s Lady Zoe to you.

Loving the touch of elegance and whiff of old money in this video. The classic manor, tailored violet dress and assortment of rings the size of life-threatening tumours – Lady Zoe is serving mysterious glamazon heiress here and you know, as much as I appreciate the odd unfolding of events as the dude awakes, I’m kinda wondering is there more to the video reserved for a sequel or extended mix we should know about? Does he get the girl and is this real life or is he just tripping out?

2) Her lair is guarded by gays.

Oh no, she di’nt. She done hired a pack of gays to screen her guests.

A meeting with her majesty? You’ll have to pass the test first. Dude, there’s no riddle because you’re in the presence of a stone cold queen not a sphinx. There’s just all kinds of judging eyes assessing your worthiness. We’ve all been at the receiving end at some point and it’s not pretty, but the real test here is seeing whether the subject does a “move, bitch” glare or not. Gays are sensitive to your negative auras and they can pick up your stank attitude from a mile off. Better come correct when you’re approaching Ms Zoe.

3) There’s Grant the Godfather of Dance.

Only beautiful people are allowed in his presence. The rest of us can just go hang around at the cloak room. You knew a Grant cameo was coming because the single cover art kinda hinted that way but it’s unfortunately nothing as scandalous as what was portrayed. Grant and Zoe did not share a bed here. No bumping of genitals implied – it’s a classy video they can both watch with their mums in the room.


Zoe Badwi‘s ‘Carry Me Home’ was serviced to Aussie radios on Monday. You can grab the track now off iTunes here.



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