Florrie “Experimenting” EP Details and ‘Experimenting with Rugs’ Music Video

Ice cool independent pop star Florrie is back with her follow up EP and a video to boot too.

The British drummer, pop artist and model unveiled more deets on her eagerly anticipated second EP earlier in the week and just a few sleeps ago, she uploaded a new music video for the project’s second single ‘Experimenting with Rugs’.

Experiments is what phase two of Florrie‘s musical opus is called and she has crafted it with regular collaborators like Fred Falke, Jason Resch and Kieran Jones [the latter two emerged out of Xenomania‘s production house with Florrie and were credited as co-writers on Girls Aloud‘s smash ‘The Promise’].

New faces on board include legendary songwriter Mike Chapman, who did Toni Basil‘s ‘Mickey’ and Blondie‘s Parallel Lines, and an upcoming London songwriter/producer MNEK, who has remixed for Tinie Tempah, CocknBullKid and Frankmusik, and is touted as the next big thing to step out of Xenomania‘s camp.

I am thoroughly thrilled for this new chapter in Florrie‘s musical journey and what’s amazing about her emergence is this feeling that her fans and us in the pop music blogosphere is growing with her. I remember when I spoke to her on her first ever Australian interview last August and kids, the Introduction EP wasn’t even out yet. I just stumbled this upcoming artist with super catchy pop songs who is growing and picking up loads of blog love, and I thought it’d be wonderful to come along for the ride. I’ve still got my seatbelt firmly hooked on for the trip.

Florrie has been remarkably real with her fans about how she’s funding her independent music project and why she hasn’t signed to a major label yet, despite having offers banging on the front door. You can read more about it here on her blog.

Take a look at the final Experiments EP tracklisting:

1 – Speed of Light
2 – Experimenting with Rugs
3 – What You Doing This For?
4 – I Took A Little Something
5 – Begging Me
6 – She Always Gets What She Wants

Here’s what the British beauty has to say about the EP and making mainstream “chart friendly” music:

“As much as I LOVE both of my EPs I don’t think my music is particularly “chart friendly” right now, but I have this incredible opportunity to make the music I want to… AND you guys like listening to it, which is the most important thing!

I’m not trying to follow the trends of the day and I’ll continue to put out material that I love and enjoy making. I hope one day enough people will like my music for it to become “chart friendly” but without specifically trying to achieve that. I’ve heard the expression “chasing a hit” and I don’t think I’d be much good at it to be honest. I obviously want to be successful but I also want to keep being me.”

Take a look at the gorgeous Monroe en Hitchcockian mode video for ‘Experimenting with Rugs’:


“My heart isn’t big enough no more, and I start to wonder what I saw in you…”


Florrie‘s Experiments EP is out on iTunes everywhere on 14 June. Lovers of her early classic ‘Call 911’ will be pleased to know that she’s preparing a “definitive version” of the song to be released sometime in October.



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