Wynter Gordon “With The Music I Die” EP Cover and Details

Very well, my American friends. This one’s for you.

The gorgeous Wynter Gordon is ready to serve up her inaugural official American EP by the end of this month titled With The Music I Die. The six-track compilation will feature the original version of her current Australian hit ‘Til Death’ as well as the fantastic potential single ‘Still Getting Younger’.

Take a look at the final EP tracklisting:

1 – Til Death
2 – Buy My Love
3 – Don’t Stop Me
4 – Still Getting Younger
5 – Til Death (Rocker Scientist Remix) feat. Ricky Blaze
6 – Buy My Love (Extended Mix)

So a couple of surprises on board here that I don’t think the Australian public will be treated to just yet. There’s that “urban” remix of ‘Til Death’ that Wynter had tweeted about and also, an extended remix of the Axwell-produced ‘Buy My Love’.

I know some of her fans are pressed because here in Australia, we’re getting her full album next Friday but it’s OK – everything in its right time. Our gurl managed to find amazing success Down Under over the summer when ‘Dirty Talk’ went #1 and became certified triple platinum, her follow up single ‘Til Death (Denzal Park Edit)’ was a recent Top 20 smash, so naturally it made sense for the label to launch the album now while she’s hot topic.

Take a look at the full album tracklisting and my thoughts on some of the new tracks.

I have to say, I really wished this EP cover art was the album’s instead. She looks stunning in this closer shot and it’s actually a lot more personable than the full body shot they went with.


Wynter Gordon‘s With The Music I Die album is out in Australia on 17 June, the EP will be out in the US on 28 June.

My gurl is set to perform a one-off intimate acoustic show in Sydney next Saturday, hosted by her label, and the only way you can win tickets to this exclusive event is via SameSame. Enter here!



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