Lady Gaga and Keri Hilson Perform at Germany’s Next Top Model Finale

How bloody huge is Germany’s Next Top Model to have a finale like this? Damn. Heidi Klum can hook us up any time.

This easily rivals your average award show ceremony or pop concert stage with its custom-made mega runway that splits at the end where the judges are seated. The show just looks like a top-billing gig that Sarah Connor would absolutely kill to secure. Poor mama. In any case, back to the main event.

Lady Gaga turned out something special for the long white runway with a medley of ‘Scheiße’, ‘Born This Way’ and ‘The Edge of Glory’ – complete with a dramatic end where she “beheads” herself with a guillotine. The turquoise wig looks like an awful budget Harajuku inspiration and for such a fashion-conscious audience, I really thought that Gaga would’ve destroyed us with some mind-bending couture creations.

Take a look at Gaga‘s performance on Germany’s Next Top Model finale:


The energetic ‘Edge of Glory’ performance was riveting as was the piano-based ‘Born This Way’ prelude, but once again I felt like she could’ve really taken advantage of this unique stage and really pumped out the more runway-ready tracks on Born This Way. You know just the ones I’m talking about. Like, actually perform more of ‘Scheiße’ and cue up ‘Government Hooker’ for instance? I guess both tracks would’ve been a controversial choice due to their lyrical content and let’s not forget, the bitch has to promote her single. We get it.

As for Keri Hilson – look, we know ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ is so yesterday but for an event like Germany’s Next Top Model, it makes sense. The stage, lights and video screen projections were all so on point. I bet Ms Keri must’ve been pinching herself to make sure she didn’t wake up that day as Kylie Minogue because it’d be a dream for her to actually be able to throw a concert of this calibre.

Check on ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ and featuring a runway appearance by the final three contestants:


I have to say, none of these model bitches looked comfortable when the confetti rained on them. Were you supposed to twirl with your best beauty pageant smile and act like you just won? I don’t know. I just don’t know. But standing there and just letting it cascade down on you is not the look.


Germany’s Next Top Model just wrapped its sixth cycle with Heidi Klum as the anchor who has been there from the start. Fun fact – the theme song for the last cycle was Cheryl Cole‘s ‘Fight For This Love’. Now, sashay away.


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