Sophie Ellis-Bextor ‘Starlight’ Music Video

This cannot be happening.

Somebody, please. Anybody. Just come forth now and say this is just a fan made video. Tell me this is not the official music video for Sophie Ellis-Bextor‘s ‘Starlight’. Please, y’guys. It’s gone on for two minutes too long. Here’s the part where you jump out from behind the bushes and say, “LIMMY. YOU GOT PUNK’D!”, and we’d all share a laugh over the stupid gaffe (I’d still be crying because it has evidently distressed me so) and move on.

Maybe this is the why behind her not teasing with elaborate trailers or even uploading it on her official Youtube/VEVO account. The only way this clip managed to escape into the real world is because Sophie had quietly tucked it alongside four other music videos on the iTunes deluxe edition of her album.

The ‘Starlight’ music video is nothing short of a dime store, iMovie mess and I think it’s best to respectfully look away. For Sophie‘s sake. Treat it as the complimentary fortune cookie after your meal. Read the message of impending doom really quickly then cast it aside without a second thought.


I stan hard for this British pop siren but ‘Starlight’ comes from a prestigious lineage of stellar, elegant videos. The dynasty that has crowned gems like ‘Catch You’, ‘Today The Sun’s On Us’ and ‘Take Me Home’ now has to sit uncomfortably in the presence of some low-rent production amalgamating live footage from a club gig with various Nature (TM) clips. Yes, sunset and sunrise, lakes, and a fleeting glimmer of an actual starry night.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor is still finding her feet as an independent artist so we need to cut her some slack. I mean her label EBGB hasn’t even got business cards and letterheads figured yet [Editor’s note: true story.] Fingers crossed, once she progresses from crawl to run, she’ll be able to turn it out right like some of our favourite independent pop divas (think: Robyn and I guess, to an extent, Melanie C).


Sophie Ellis-Bextor‘s ‘Starlight’ was shot at a London club gig at the end of 2010. The video was directed by her father Robin Bextor, who is an award winning documentary/film maker.

Sophie‘s much-delayed fourth studio album Make A Scene was finally released in the UK on Sunday. My copy has been despatched from London and I am patiently waiting by the mail box.



  1. Wow. That’s stunning. Very 80’s retro. Like her spectacularly hideous unflattering high waisted 80’s style shiny trousers or whatever that gruesome outfit was.

    Embarrassing on so many levels.

  2. I find it closer to look of the seventies disco-pop music videos. The photography and editing is also reminiscent of the music videos of that era when there was no edginess nor digital post-processing.

    • Peter, I love your optimism and outlook on the video. However, I had big dreams for the ‘Starlight’ video and I think I was just a little let down when I saw this. :p

  3. I agree with Peter, it’s quite underdone, but I can appreciate it. It’s fitting with the retro feel. I would’ve done a different thing with it too, but considering the whole thing, it’s good enough that we got a video after all… haha.

    • Should we all start looking around the garage for unwanted light bulbs? I sense Sophie’s gonna need all the help she can get when she starts filming the video for ‘Off & On’. Let’s start a foundation to help fund her future music videos.

  4. Oh God, haha. And there will be a video for ‘Off & On’?! Lordie. Better late than never, methinks. I seriously thought it would be all done once the album is out… but hey, glad she’s still giving it a life. I’m hoping she will deliver with that one. I mean, Melanie C managed to come up with such a glossy video like ‘Next Best Superstar’ under her own label, arguably SEB is in the same league, so…

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