Leak Report: Lady Gaga ‘The Edge of Glory (Cahill Major Radio Edit)’

The godfathers of commercial dance remixes Cahill have reimagined Lady Gaga‘s epic into something little more club friendly.

I knew it wouldn’t be long before we start seeing official remixes of ‘The Edge of Glory’ come through. I felt like while it’s a defining single in Gaga’s discography, the song has had to endure a slow build. Nobody expected for it to explode and pretty much eclipse ‘Judas’ when it was released as an iTunes promo single, but you can’t keep a good track down.

‘The Edge of Glory’ has since been drafted as the third official Born This Way single and just off the initial breakout hype, the track has already gone Top 3 in a number of territories including the US, Canada, New Zealand, Italy, Norway, Belgium and Scotland.

Take a listen to a radio edit of Cahill’s ‘The Edge of Glory’ remix:

Well that’s Cahill doing what they do best, making commercial dance. I’ll be keen to hear some more imaginative and edgy remixes by underground DJs in weeks to come.


Lady Gaga‘s ‘The Edge of Glory’ peaked at #11 in Australia. The album Born This Way dips to #2 after spending its first two weeks on top of the ARIA charts.


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