Leak Report: Cher Lloyd ‘Swagger Jagger’

You’ve all heard the full track now, I’m sure. But that’s reportedly just a demo.

X Factor‘s fierce femmecee Cher Lloyd has copped so much love and hateration from the get go, I absolutely cannot wait for her to come round and slay with this debut album. It’s disappointing to see how people let a few rumours about her bad attitude overshadow the massive potential she carries.

Not everyone can and should necessarily handle themselves with the poise, grace and elegance of Queen Mother Beyonce when their shit leaks. So, sometime yesterday Cher’s debut single ‘Swagger Jagger’ prematurely leaked online in full and she pretty much went ape shit all over Twitter:

“I’ve never been this upset ever! I worked so hard and people wanna ruin it for me. If you wanted to hurt me you’ve done a great job. Please dont do this to me. I wish I was at home with my family, I’ve been through enough this year.”

Yes, the train has pulled into Sook Central but it’s completely understandable for an artist to be upset when their work leaks, robbing the track of the maximum impact it would’ve gotten on its scheduled premiere day. On top of that, it’s shit from a creative control perspective to find it snatched out of your hands like that but all press is good press.

‘Swagger Jagger’ completely lives up to expectations in a sense that it fits Cher’s image to a tee, fusing fierce rap with a completely bonkers hook that interpolates the classic ‘Oh My Darling, Clamentine’. Utterly booty poppers o’clock up in here when the synth line drops. These cheeks don’t lie, boo.

Take a listen to the official preview her team uploaded not long after the whole Twitter meltdown:


“You can’t stop lookin’ at me, starin’ at me, be what I be! You can’t stop clickin’ at me, writin’ ’bout me, tweetin’ ’bout me… my swagger’s in check!” she spits in the verse.

The petulant 17-year old has been crafting her album with certified hitmakers RedOne, will.i.am, The Runaways (producers behind Cheryl Cole and The Saturdays) and Autumn Rowe (the songwriter behind Alexis Jordan‘s hits).


Cher Lloyd will premiere the official version of ‘Swagger Jagger’ on 20 June.


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