Nadine Coyle relaunches solo career: “Nadine 2.0”

All new and improved, I take it?

Girls Aloud warbler Nadine Coyle is relaunching her solo career after a disastrous first run with Insatiable. Yes, we get it. The bitch sold like 117 CD singles in the first week. They weren’t exactly flying off the shelves at Tesco. The album flopped so hard, I felt truly sorry for her because while it wasn’t cutting edge or exciting – it really wasn’t that unbearable!

Last month, Nuhdeen announced that she’s cracking America with ‘Runnin’ as the lead single. Now she has tweeted this as some kind of teaser of a darker, more dance-oriented repackage? I am liking the ferocious video vixen image she’s going for here and even the slick oh-so early 00s Aaliyah logo.

Nadine 2.0 boasts a new recording ‘Sweeter High’ – written and produced by Nuhdeen, Vito Fun and Damian Major, the latter two are no strangers to the American DJ/club scene.


All shall be revealed on 22 June. Stay tuned.


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