Lady Gaga ‘The Edge of Glory’ Music Video

Can we be real about this for a second? Alright, stans. Sit your arse back down.

Lady Gaga‘s ‘The Edge of Glory’ is arguably the best single she has ever released. Period. Let me put this in context for you: ‘The Edge of Glory’ > ‘Bad Romance’ > ‘Poker Face’.

Born This Way has become the fastest selling album of the year so far, pulling over two million sales worldwide in just under a month, and for me the record is a flawless revelation of avant garde commercial art. She made a marriage of guilty pleasure pop melodies with intriguing, heartfelt lyrics possible.


The video for ‘The Edge of Glory’ is not your typical flamboyant, over-the-top Gaga mini-epic. And here’s the real tea: it doesn’t need to be. The song was written from a personal place and she had often talked about carrying a piece of New York with her, so really, it made sense for this video to embody both elements.

Here are three reasons why the video for ‘The Edge of Glory’ works:

1) Just Gaga.

Oh, and of course, the legendary Clarence Clemons. But mainly Gaga. The simplicity of just having her solo with no entourage of back-up dancers or elaborate production really is a statement in itself. For any other artist and any other song, it would’ve come across as blatantly lazy. But not for someone as meticulous and furiously creative like Gaga. You know this shit was planned on.

I am not saying it is necessarily the most entertaining music video in the world or something I’d want to watch over and over, but I’m saying that I get why she has done what she’s done for ‘The Edge of Glory’.

2) Wearing New York.

Did anyone see that MTV doco Gaga did where she talked about her childhood, growing up in New York and the significance of her leather jacket? Well, here’s the sitch in case you didn’t catch it. Gaga says that her leather jacket is like that piece of New York she takes with her wherever she goes. Therefore, if the video was to really depict her story of NYC, it would make sense to have Gaga don her best all-leather hooookaaah attire, coupled with a fabulous silk blouse I swear I’ve seen Grandma Yetta rock in The Nanny.

NB: This is actually the first Gaga video where she has only worn one outfit for the whole production.

3) Sesame Street.

Isn’t it fabulous that Gaga‘s journey back to her roots can inadvertently take us all back to our childhood watching Sesame Street? Memories.


Lady Gaga directed the video for ‘The Edge of Glory’ with her Haus of Gaga posse. The single has so far managed to peak at #11 in Australia, #6 in the UK and #3 on the US Billboard Hot 100.



  1. There’s something about this that makes it seem a bit more… Eurovision to me?

    I think it’s just the unashamed over the top happy pop-ness of it, It’s not the usual Gaga electro stuff. Plus I think the addition of the saxophone adds to that.

    Either way, I really enjoy this song, best thing since Telephone from Gaga.

      • Well, statistically yes, because the overwhelming majority of the stuff I listen to is Eurovision, so you’ve got me there!

        But most of Gaga’s stuff wouldn’t work as ‘Eurovisiony’, I think this feels more European to me. I dunno, I guess Eurovision is what I measure a lot of stuff by.

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