Nicola Roberts ‘Beat of My Drum’ (Live on T4)

What happened here? I step out of town for the weekend and I come home to a flop to mop? *Shakes head*

Girls Aloud siren Nicola Roberts mustn’t be well in the zone for her debut televised performance of ‘Beat of My Drum’. The single comes correct in every way imaginable except the live aspect and it’s frustrating to see her stumble through it like that.

‘Beat of My Drum’ is probably the most addictive party track to come out of 2011 so far. Already galaxies ahead of any of her Girls Aloud peers’ solo music offerings. I like that Ginge doesn’t come polished with choreography like Cheryl Cole or warblesome like Nadine Coyle. She does her own thing. Whether you’re buying that or not is a completely different story and Today Tonight segment.


Nicola has always been the dark horse of the group and I feel like now is our opportunity to get to know her as an artist and she’s still holding back. The performance set up seems horribly underthought because if her team had seen Ginge warble through soundcheck, they would’ve known that this makes for some plain as bread crusts TV performance.

Where she had lacked in showmanship, they could’ve possibly disguised it with the presence of dancers. But if she’s rejecting anything that fanciful or gimmicky, then she needs to step up and find that inner Sasha Fierce. Here’s to room for improvement, Ginge.


Nicola‘s ‘Beat of My Drum’ debuted at #27 in the UK last week and plummets to #64 in this week’s charts. Damn.

I’m still gagging to hear the album for all its promise of quirk and sequined edginess, so I hope her label doesn’t write it off now after the single’s painful chart performance.



  1. Awww… it ain’t that bad! But I agree, there’s definitely room for improvement. She needs to step it up with the vocals, especially and she needs to bring up that energy. But this was a pleasant one, I’m good. :)

    • I will put it all down to nerves. She will hopefully come around to performing on her own! :)

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