Vanessa Amorosi readies new single ‘Gossip Bomb’

Rumour has it that Australian pop powerhouse Vanessa Amorosi is ready to unleash a new single.

The diva last graced us with her Hazardous album in 2009, an absolute dynamite comeback album that went platinum in Australia, spawning four singles. It was the era that gave Ness her first ever Aussie #1 single with ‘This Is Who I Am’ and another Top 5 smash in ‘Mr Mysterious’. Now, we know she’s notorious for taking a lifetime to produce albums but the turnaround is thankfully quicker this time around.

‘Gossip Bomb’ is the new single off the yet-untitled album and V Mama’s now spreading word on a little viral campaign to drum up some hype. The deal is to join up here and share the goss via your Twitter or Facebook timeline, and once it gets 15,000 fans, the track will unlock for your previewing pleasure.

Her team will also send you out a ‘Gossip Bomb’ remix for free if you join up. Note, the remix will only be emailed out to you after 1 July.

To be honest, the whole online viral campaign for this single is coming off a little unpolished to me. I mean, first off, didn’t she like set off a month-long countdown for it? Frankly, that is too long to lead fans on without even a sneak preview of the track/video or anything. All we got was a series of film-reel type teasers with what one could assume to bear random lyrics and several cringeworthy “gossip” or “truth” type Twitter posts that Ness and her team made up to pull attention.

I know it’s done with the best intentions to fit the song’s gossip theme, but I’m already tired of it. A visual and/or audio teaser administered at a shorter amount of time would’ve probably been more effective in creating the urgency of “fresh goss”.

Let’s hope it doesn’t become yesterday’s news when she comes forth with the big reveal.


Spread the word on Vanessa Amorosi‘s ‘Gossip Bomb’ campaign here.


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