Melody Thornton reveals debut solo single: ‘Sweet Vendetta’

The melismatic ex-Pussycat Doll is turning heads for all the right reasons up here.

Melody Thornton, best known as the Doll delivering decorated warbles on several PCD tracks, has finally unveiled her debut solo single. While it was clear from the get-go that Nicole Scherzinger was the lead singer of the group, Melody would always get a second mention because as far as we know, she was the only other one granted a singing part on the band’s records.

A lot of tea has been spilt after the Pussycat Dolls disbanded and while the girls have all been grateful for the opportunity, there was little denying that living under Nicole‘s shadow dwarfed all hopes and dreams of ever shining in the group.

Melody’s solo music direction is a lot less mainstream than what one would expect from a vixen birthed from some glossy, multi-platinum selling girl band. Where Nicole is still struggling to find her niche purveying predictable urban pop choons and Kimberly Wyatt‘s gone independent Eurodance/pop with Her Majesty & The Wolves – Melody is embracing 60s soul and Motown. Yes, child. She’s taking us back to an era of unbridled funk energy – think BB King and James Brown. In fact, to put it in a modern context, if you’re a fan of Solange‘s Sol-Angel & The Hadley Dreams project – you’ll probably adore this.

‘Sweet Vendetta’ is her official debut single and if you’ve clocked a leaked track of hers titled ‘Love Gun’ earlier this year, it’s pretty much the same story. The single is an independent project and I love that there was no hype or teaser leading up to it. Melody just simply posted it on her website, allowed her music to do the talking. And almost like a highly effective buzz track, the track took off in the blogosphere.

Take a listen to ‘Sweet Vendetta’ here:


“Just like a wild horse, my love is strong. I’ll be willing to fight for that love and carry on. Just like a phoenix, leaving my nest. I’ll be willing to draw blood in my own defense.”

The response has been amazing out here with many complimenting Melody’s bold solo direction. Her signature melismatic warbles are thankfully in check here as well. If she remains consistent to this sound, this album should definitely be the one ex-PCD record to look out for.


Melody Thornton‘s ‘Sweet Vendetta’ is out on iTunes worldwide. Grab it here.


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