Tatiana ‘Been A Fool’ Music Video

Look who’s swinging something sultry from London town.

Polish soul siren Tatiana has been steady on her grind ever since she launched her debut international single ‘Spider Web’ over in the UK but you know what? It is the second single ‘Been A Fool’ that feels more like her jam.

This is just the kind of bewitching modern soul song you’d expect for Amy Winehouse to do if she had her shit together. I don’t know about y’all but this was the moment Tatiana’s vocals shined through for me. It’ll be interesting to see how it fares over summer in the UK because the radio mix seems perfect for daytime airwaves.


She has also issued a slew of dance remixes for ‘Been A Fool’ – in fact, she premiered the Seamus Haji one at Baltic Pride and apparently the gays went wild for it. The queens love Tati.

Check out three moments of eleganza in her latest video:

1) Amelle Berrabah, is that you?

The hair style definitely flatters Tatiana but I wonder how many fans will stop dead in their tracks when they see this video and mistake her for the saucy Sugababe. Comparisons aside, our Polish diva is looking stunning in that nude coloured one-piece.

2) Here come the girls.

I did not see this twist coming. Who knew Tati was open to a bit of lesbiaction?

3) A seductive scene.

Video director Steve Glashier (the man behind promos for Fat Boy Slim) sets an appropriate scene for the song. I mean, this London bar looks like a place where they would spin ‘Been A Fool’ on a Sunday arvo. It’s a smouldering song that didn’t call for elaborate choreography or over-the-top production – just a simple scene with plenty of seduction and mystique.


Tatiana‘s ‘Been A Fool’ single is out on 22 August. She’s streaming a snippet of the amazing Seamus Haji (remixer behind club cuts for Mariah Carey and Utada) remix of ‘Been A Fool’ on her website. There’s also an Ash Howes (producer behind several Atomic Kittens tracks) radio mix up there.


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