Leak Report: Nadine Coyle ‘Sweetest High’

On a scale of zero to ‘Beat of My Drum’, how do you rate Nuhdeen’s latest offering?

The Girls Aloud warbler is busy hot-wiring shit to give this solo career of hers a reboot and she’s convinced that this time around, it should take a dance route.

‘Sweetest High’ is the first taste of Nadine version 2.0 and while it’s not the high-octane racy dance stomper I had expected from glimpsing the cover art, it’s not utter rubbish either. Oh, what am I saying? The Derry queen has gone all 90s house on us and I can’t tell whether it’s even the right and relevant kind of 90s sound for today’s ears.

Check out ‘Sweetest High’ here:


I just can’t. Gurl, you sure you wanna crack America with something like this? If anything, it’s gonna end up soundtracking some painfully laissez-faire drag queen performance in Minnesota. I just know it.


Nadine Coyle‘s ‘Sweetest High’ will be released in full today on iTunes worldwide.



  1. this is baddd. she has no chance in US with this kind of material
    something like Insatiable, on the other hand, could

    • I’m glad you have at least that much faith in ‘Insatiable’. I thought she said ‘Runnin’ was gonna be her first US single then this one comes forth? Gross.

      I feel sorry for her because the dance route seems a little desperate and worst, she’s not even doing it right. Sigh!

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