Taste Test: Amali Ward ‘Knock You Out’

Look at the girl now.

Seemed like a lifetime ago that we first laid eyes on young Amali Ward when she broke out as a Top 10 finalist on Australian Idol [Editor’s note: to be precise, it’ll be seven years next month.]

That was an dynamite year on Idol, actually. It was our second series and it brought out immense talents like Casey Donovan, Chanel Cole, Ricki-Lee Coulter, Anthony Callea, Em Rusciano and Dan O’Connor – the latter two have been fixtures in TV land in the last few years.

Amali herself has been in various commercials for Rexona, AAMI and Mazda but she is also currently working on her debut album for release later this year. In fact, she’s posted several acoustic performances on YouTube in recent times so y’all know what to expect. It’s amazing to see how much she’s grown as a vocalist and also, for the first time, hear the music she’s written.

I know it’s hard to say what the final studio version will be like but one suspects that it’ll probably stay true to the warm, soulful pop tones of the acoustic renditions.

Check out her latest video ‘Knock You Out’ done with her 10-piece band:



Check on more Amali jams and updates here on her website.



    • Oh really? Haha! Yeah, it sounds nice and organic. Definitely suits her vocal tone!

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